Cider is a versatile drink that has been enjoyed for centuries throughout Britain.

A drink that was treasured in the 17th century, popular with the aristocracy, it has continued to grow in popularity, with almost as much now being consumed annually in the UK as beer. We believe that it should be enjoyed and truly appreciated for the great, adaptable drink it is. Did you know that Diamond White was the original lower-alcohol alternative to wine, averaging half the abv of many commercial wines? It was also used as a mixer to create new drinks, the original cider cocktails, a trend that is becoming increasingly popular, with bars dedicated to cider cocktails springing up in cities across the UK.

Why not create your own Diamond cider cocktails and tell us about them?

Cider is not just a summer drink, it can be enjoyed in a vast array of situations. It is not only suited to a long, hot, sunny day in the garden, but can be served warmed, and lightly spiced on a snowy winter’s day, and as a perfect accompaniment to many types of food. Cider can also be used within recipes as a cooking aid, to compliment and accentuate the ingredients.

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