News: The Relaunch

The original pioneer of the premium sector, Diamond White, has recently undergone a significant makeover and has also been repositioned once again as a premium offering, to appeal to present-day consumer tastes and take it back to its origins. Diamond White boasts a fresh new look, featuring a sleek, contemporary design, broadening consumer appeal.

As one of the most recognised cider brands in the UK, Diamond White is an iconic, must-stock cider brand for all independent retailers, which offers a fast rate of sale and substantial POR opportunity. Today, Diamond White is the 6th largest canned cider brand in UK in Symbol and Independent convenience retailers *, selling over 2 million litres annually **.

Cider is on-trend, as consumers look for a long, refreshing drink that offers a lower alcohol alternative to wine, and sales of ‘tried and trusted’ brands like Diamond White are on the increase. The relaunch of Diamond White will be supported with substantial promotional and marketing investment, as well as the introduction of this sparkly new website.

This is the first step in the relaunch, with plans to extend the product range to include new variants, the first of which is to be released in October 2015. With its fresh new look, Diamond White is a must-stock cider brand for the independent retailer and the ideal choice for consumers. It offers a substantial cash margin opportunity for the trade and drinkers can enjoy the crisp flavour and sparkling taste.

*Source: IRI MAT volume data to 21/06/15
**Source: Brookfield Drinks internal volume data